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House of Blues; Las Vegas; 11/16/01

Reviewed by  Richard Fenkel

    Who is Wes Scantlin? He is the lead singer of Puddle of Mudd. And a multi-talented frontman. Scantlin also plays guitar. Besides his dual role in Puddle of Mudd, he is part of the wave of new hard rock / heavy metal groups.

    My first encounter with the guys was during a sound check on Fremont Street. They were warming up for a MTV special. It was obvious to me then that these guys are very talented and professional. Their sound check was well received by the Vegas locals and tourists. I knew then it was time to see Puddle of Mudd live! Stopping in Vegas at the House of Blues was a great choice. The show was sold out and the crowd outside waited anxiously for the venue to open.

   Scantlin and company hit the HOB stage around nine. They came with one purpose: to perform songs from their debut album "Come Clean."

    The guys walked on stage dressed in simple attire. The band started playing and the crowd was jumping and singing to the cool fresh sound. The band had lots of energy and great chemistry. Scantlin interacted charismatically with this Vegas audience.

    The songs were well-received by the crowd. Plenty of singing and screaming was commonplace. The sound was sharp and clear; the songs sounded great live.

    "Come Clean" contains the song "Control." "Control" is receiving lots of radio airplay all over the country. The now-famous line, "I like the way you smack my ass," was screamed by the House of Blues crowd when Scantlin and company ended the evening with this great tune. Other songs played included  "Blurry," "Piss It All Away," and "Never Change." All are great, well-written songs. 

    In addition to Scantlin, Paul Phillips' guitar work was a highlight. 

    Check at POM on tour.  They rock!!!

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