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Ventura Theater; Ventura, CA; 09/12/03

Reviewed by Keith Guillotine

Only one opening band for this long awaited Queensryche show ... Echo7!

Echo 7, out of Myrtle Beach, SC, started out kind of mellow but increased energy with every song bringing the crowd to a party frenzy before ending their short (but still great!) 45 minute set. I talked with several fans during the show and everyone seemed to think that Echo 7 were one of the best bands they've heard in a long time. One fan in particular (Kevin, who is a big fan of Pantera) seemed to think that Echo 7 sounded much like Creed, but I disagree. I would say Echo 7 are closer to a mix of Tool and Foo Fighters. No matter - we all enjoyed the set. If you get a chance to see these guys live, check them out. Also check out their webpage at

Next up, one of my all time favorites, Queensryche!

I've seen these guys before and have never been disappointed with their music.  This is one of the only bands I know that can get a crowd rowdy with a ballad. "Silent Lucidity," as "quiet" as it may seem, is a definite "feel great" song.

Like Echo7, Queensryche started out a little slow (yeah, right!) and the second half of the set was even better than the first! I don't know what to say about these guys ... I mean ... they're Queensryche - what more do you want?

A small venue like the Majestic Ventura Theatre didn't give Queensryche the opportunity to do their full-on, bigger-than-life show, but it was still great. I've seen this band in a huge auditorium for their "Empire" tour and was amazed.  Still, they did an outstanding job considering the size of this theatre. They kept the double screen "video" imaging that I remember seeing at the last show and they rocked in the same fashion that made them famous in the first place.

Of course, they ended their over 90-minute set with the ultimate Queensryche song: "Queen Of The Ryche." 

Go see the show if it comes to your area ... period. You will NOT be disappointed.

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