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House of Blues; Las Vegas; Friday, 11/02/01

Reviewed by  Richard Fenkel

    It has been a long time since the days of the "Operation Mindcrime" concept album. But, needless to say, Queensryche is still on top of their game.

    Many bands that were popular during the 80s had style, but not all possessed the raw talent and song-writing ability. It's safe to say that Queensryche's talent is obvious and embodies the guys today.

    Their latest release, "Live Evolution," is a collection of 'Ryche favorites. Fans at the House of Blues in Las Vegas were treated to a show that proves that these guys have created a body of music that breaks all the 80s stereotypes. Queensryche never bought in to the big hair and spandex era. They created music, not an image. They wore black.  That was then and that is also now.

    In addition to their simple style, "talent" best describes Geoff Tate. Tate still utilizes his opera style vocals to a tee. It is like the 80s has never ended for Tate. Wearing rock star glasses, Tate commanded the stage like a general with a mission and this mission was simple: to rock Las Vegas 'Ryche fans.

    Queensryche successfully accomplished their goal. They played all the hits that span their career. It would be a waste to mention the names of each song. To sum up their set list is an easy task. Picture listening to all your favorite songs! "Walk In The Shadows," "The Lady Wore Black," "Take Hold Of The Flame," and Empire" just to name a few. The band sounded tight and did not miss a note. 

    There were no special effects. Just pure rock'n'roll.

    Besides their great sound and chemistry, Queensryche revisited their heyday and confirmed that Tate and company will be performing for years to come.

    It doesn't matter whether you just remember these guys from the 80s, you're a longtime Queensryche fan, or a Queensryche virgin. This is must-see show.

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