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The Joint; Hard Rock Hotel; Las Vegas, NV; 07/21/99

Reviewed by Richard Fenkel

Stephen Pearcy A Wanted Man? Or not?

Ratt invaded the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. The boys hit the stage with a surprise in store for the fans there. The surprise was an all-new lineup. Some of the usual suspects were nowhere to be found yet the music was pure Ratt'n'Roll.

Jizzy Pearl, former LOVE HATE and L.A. GUNS throat, is now the current lead vocalist of Ratt. His vocals were tight and clear. Pearl was a great front man and exhibited the right amount of attitude and solid vocal power. Pearl proved to Las Vegas that Ratt was alive and well. 

The enthusiastic response from the fans - who sang along boldly with Pearl - proved one thing: Ratt is about the music. Not to take anything away from him, but Stephen Pearcy, who is a talented frontman and vocalist, was not missed this evening. 

Another hard rock veteran, John Corabi, who has served as vocalist for The Scream, Motley Crue and who currently serves in that position for Union (with Bruce Kulick), was also on the stage. Corabi played guitar and assisted with some backing vocals. His great showmanship was enjoyed by all. He is a true talent and will be touring with the band throughout this tour.

In addition to Corabi, the legendary Bobby Blotzer entertained with his  usual, excellent drumming. Watching Blotzer brought back memories of the greatness of 80s metal. 

Last but not least, Warren DeMartini gave the crowd just what they so yearned. His lead work was the highlight of songs like "Wanted Man," "Back For More," and "Lay It Down" just to  name a few. DeMartini's stage presence and the fans' reaction were proof of two things: DeMartini is an awesome guitarist and he remains a favorite among Ratt fans.  

Even if the days of the original Ratt lineup are gone, the music lives on, thanks to these talented musicians who put a new twist on classic Ratt  tunes. 

Ratt and Roll Forever!

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