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House of Blues; Las Vegas, NV; 09/12/02

Reviewed by Richard Fenkel

The House of Blues Las Vegas hosted a stripped down version of the typical Rob Zombie show. But a stripped down version did not disappoint Zombie fans. For one night the House of Blues Las Vegas was transformed into The House of Rob.

The House of Rob has one rule: rock your ass off! Fans did exactly that. A sea of hardcore fans focused their attention on Rob and company. Singing along with Rob, throwing their fists in the air, and screaming at the top of their lungs was the order of the night.

In addition to all the faithful, Zombie himself was getting into the show. Moving all around the stage, he put fans into a crazed frenzy. Intense fans did not even care that Rob's wild 70's horror typical stage setup did not travel on this tour. Zombie's fans wanted to rock!

Besides the out of control audience, the guys on stage had a great chemistry and helped fuel what ended up being a huge mosh pit. This hardcore mosh pit was going full speed. There were so many fans in the pit it was hard to tell where the floor started and finished. The energy from the pit complimented the energy of the guys on stage. Rob led his guys like a general at war. Fans were screaming and yelling for more.

Rob pulled a few songs out from his White Zombie days. "More Human Than Human and 'Thunderkiss 65." This added still more fuel to the pit.

In addition to the kick-ass old shit, Blasko, Tempesta, and Riggs put the Zombie faithful in a trance. "Sinister Urge" Demon Speeding" "Never Gonna Stop," "Dead Girl Superstar" and "Feel So Numb" were all performed with explosive style.

In addition to the set list, Rob interacted with his fans and talked about how much money each of the guys had lost gambling in Vegas. Rob also joked with the crowd about how all the guys are getting older and closer to death so they need to go back home and this was the last stop on the tour.

The guys are going home to work on the next Zombie album. In addition. Rob's horror film, "House of 1000 Corpses" is finally set for release early next year.

The 2002 Rob Zombie tour may be over but Rob and company will be back. This is one group that needs no special effects or bombastic stage show. 

Rob Zombie rocks! 

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