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The Vault; Baltimore, MD; 11/27/99

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

The Ballzout Tour '99 is a power packed line-up of the mid-Atlantic's best offerings in heavy music. The second date of the tour was held at the Vault (thanks to Jack for his hospitality - keep up the good work).

Rev 9 played a competent set of Deftones influenced material. It's rare that you can see an opening act that can provide a distinct sound from one tune from the next - Rev 9 are able to keep the listener on their toes without straying too far from their style.

The tight, fierce sound of Method 51 was the evening's most pleasant surprise. It was good to learn that there are still three-piece bands that can rock-out with little fanfare. A blend of classic tones and modern flourishes makes for an interesting mix. Method 51 closed their set with the powerhouse "To Be The Man." This Charlotte, NC-based band has been touring for over four years now - could a big break be on the way?

I'm quite familiar with Dog Fashion Disco and it was great to hear the band in a live setting for the first time. The band managed to coax a great sound in the cavernous room (the high ceiling is both a blessing and a curse for mixing sound). The distinct personalities that make up Dog Fashion Disco are heard loud and clear without jumbling the overall package. 

Dog Fashion Disco managed to play a tight set that allowed all members to shine. Dog Fashion Disco has many weapons by which they attract listeners to their music. One of their most versatile weapons is keyboardist Sennen - the unique keyboard sounds is what separates Dog Fashion Disco from the rest of the heavy music world. 

Dog Fashion Disco mixed their set with new tunes ("Urine" and "The Mushroom Cult" among others) with tracks from their debut effort ("Leper Friend," "Pervert," "9 To 5 At The Morgue," "Toothless Dream," and "A Corpse Is A Corpse"). I was hoping to hear "G Eye Joe," but the rousing renditions of "9 To 5 At The Morgue" and set-closer "A Corpse Is A Corpse" more than made up for it.

Having seen SEV I knew exactly what to expect; 311-styled hip-hop rap/rock. I've admitted before that SEV are not my favorite style of music; after seeing the band for a second time I can't say my opinion of the band has changed much. However, there is no denying the band's talent and ability to infuse their set with a relaxed partying attitude. SEV create a rapport with their audience with playful enthusiasm and fun-loving attitude. 

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