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House of Blues; Las Vegas, NV; 02/19/00

Reviewed by Richard Fenkel

What do Twisted Sister and Sevendust have in common? The answer: J.J. French, former Sister guitarist turned  Sevendust's manager. 

Managing a band this talented and this different from the typical 80s metal sound must be interesting for French. Lajon Witherspoon, the leader of Sevendust, is best described as vocally loud and very charismatic.  He's a General onstage who leads his bandmates at the front of the 2000 music revolution. 

Sevendust's performance at the House of Blues in Las Vegas was a night to remember. The show was high energy from beginning to end. Lajon's vocals were loud and clear.

Of course, background vocals by his partners also played  a part in this high velocity show. The suspects are Vince Hornsby (bass), Clint Lowery (guitar), Morgan Rose (drums), and John Conolly (guitar). 

Before the show, Lajon walked out from behind the stage and signed some autographs. I approached Lajon and told him I was looking forward to the show. He told me that he was looking forward to putting on a fun show for all of the fans.

"Fun show" was an understatement as Sevendust hit the stage with loud vocals and great guitar work. The band jumped up and down in the air. Lajon told the audience to come closer to the stage and jumped offstage into the crowd and did some body surfing. 

The fans enjoyed Lajon. The usual pit was raging and the middle finger salute signified the fans' approval. Sevendust broke into a two song medley of "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Walk," a Pantera classic.

The sold out show  proved that  Sevendust's debut album back in '97 was not a one-time phenomenon. Their new album, "Home" is hard and heavy with powerful lyrics and hard guitar chords. "Waffle," a tune from "Home," was well received. But old favorites such as "Bitch" and "Black" drove the show home with a type of energy that was felt by all. 

This show proves that Sevendust is a serious band with tremendous talent, not to mention a lead vocalist who is one of the very best in the Heavy Metal/Hard Rock/Rap genre.

I felt the energy and the raw power of Sevendust.  I am now  a fan for life!

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