Cocodrie; San Francisco; Sunday, November 14, 1999

Reviewed by Paco

San Francisco hardcore band The Sick ( played a farewell show for their home-town fans on Sunday before leaving on a European tour. Also on the bill were fellow SF hardcore bands Blatant Ridicule, No Regrets, Zero Bull Shit and Southern California's CHRITCHEN! (, which is the latest incarnation of the legendary Nardcore band, Ill Repute.

This show rocked. The club itself (San Francisco's Cocodrie) was a great place for the show. It was small, but had great sound and decent lighting. There was a small pit going throughout most of the show with a good deal of crowd surfing during The Sick's set. Although all the bands were good, hard and fast, I thought the two co-headliners, The Sick and CHRITCHEN!), were fuckin' awesome.

CHRITCHEN! played a mix of classic Ill Repute songs (including my personal favorite "Alone") along with some amazing new songs and a very unique cover of "Rhinestone Cowboy." This version is about a million times better than the original that I listened to as a kid.

This was the first time I've seen The Sick, but it definitely won't be the last. The Sick kind of remind of Pantera, but they're faster, harder and more punk than metal. They are out of the area for awhile, but I'll definitely be seeing them again when they come back from Europe.

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