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Thomas & Mack Center; Las Vegas, NV; 10/02/01

Reviewed by Richard Fenkel

    Iowa, nine members, masks, and coveralls? Yes, Slipknot is on tour supporting their most recent album "IOWA." They are part of a major tour package appropriately entitled "Pledge of Allegiance." System of a Down and Rammstein are a few of the other groups supporting this tour.

    Besides the kick-ass lineup and cool tour name, this group of nine guys hit the stage with raw venom. Their unique blend of metal and hiphop includes a dark element, a dark element that is created on stage with masks and evil knife-like movements by their percussionists. 

    The leader of this talented group is #8, Corey. Corey is the host of the dark carnival. No other group combines this image with pure talent. Their evil and scary style are only a part of the show. The band's image does not even touch on its talent and raw energy. Members 0 through 8 prove that there is no such animal as too many guys on stage. Spread all over the stage like an evil orchestra, Slipknot performed songs that touched the human psyche and drove fans into a frenzy. The mosh pit was moving a mile a minute with fans raving in a circle, celebrating the arrival of Slipknot.

    Drummer Joey  # 1 with and DJ Sid #0 contributed with hard driving sounds that made the mosh pit grow in size and fury. In addition, percussionists and guitarists helped create the mood for this all out music assault.  A great onstage chemistry put fans in a trance. 

    Songs from "Iowa" that showcased the group's talent were "I am Hated," "Iowa," "Left Behind" and "My Plague."

    Slipknot's music proves that these guys are one of the best groups on tour that blend metal and hiphop. Slipknot is the future. Nine talented guys are defining the future of music. Slipknot is a must see concert for fans of metal/hip or for music fans who desire a true musical experience. This band is defining a generation of new music. Buy a ticket to their show and pick up your piece of Iowa today!

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