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The Joint; Las Vegas, NV; 06/16/01

Reviewed by Dave E. Brown

    It's been awhile since I've seen a band live with as much raw energy and talent as Staind. The crowd at the Hard Rock Hotel that night had quite a bit of energy, too. As soon as Staind took the stage, a sea of fans erupted into a deafening roar, ready to explode. The night was set for a fresh style of music.

    Staind opened with "Mud Shovel" and from that point on Aaron Lewis owned the Las Vegas crowd. He had a commanding presence on the stage. Besides his cool and confident personality, he treated his fans to some well-written songs.

    With a white backdrop to pick up the lights, more smoke, and plenty of strobes, this show was  first rate production. In addition, the band produced a tight knit tapestry of music and mayhem with songs like "Pressure," "Suffer," and "Break." 

    When the band broke into "Outside" and "It's Been A While," the entire crowd sang along.

    Staind ended as heavy as they started with the song "Spleen." The crowd had been eating out of the band's hand up to that point and they went into overdrive at this point. There wasn't a dissatisfied customer in the house.

    If you are a Staind fan, they are must-see live. If you're not, see them live. After that, I have no doubt you will be.

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