L.A. Coliseum; Los Angeles; 07/15/00

Reviewed by Keith

Let me start out by saying that the Summer Sanitarium Tour was a great concert overall despite the fact that the roads to the Coliseum were blocked off for a street race. (Great planning, eh?)

The show opened with System of a Down. Now, I'm not a big fan of these guys, but they really got the audience going from the beginning. It's the first  time I've seen six - count 'em, six! - moshing circles in the pit on the first few songs of an opening band! 

Powerman 5000 were up next. Outstanding band; kept the energy  going throughout their set. Loved their smartassed remark about "boy bands" and Britney Spears. 

Kid Rock followed and started out super with great stage props! However, about halfway  through their set they slowed down (too much) and almost had the audience sleeping. Luckily, their energy level increased near the end and woke everyone back up.

Korn: Never liked them; probably never will. Their set didn't impress me so I decided to go get some beer. 

Finally, finally, Metallica took the stage! Unfortunately, they were running about an hour late which caused the  audience to create their own entertainment. Picture an arena-sized food  fight (if you can). It was a cross between an "Animal House" cafeteria scene and being front row at a Gallagher concert. It was great! Anything and  everything was soaring through the air: Nachos, soda, whole fruit. I will give the fans some credit though - I didn't see any full beers go flying. 

Occasionally there was  a break in the riot while female fans flashed the rest of the audience! I love America!

Anyway, when Metallica finally got on stage, they kicked ass. They played a full, two-hour set that ended in a small (but very cool) fireworks display. Too bad it was the second to last show of the tour. If it comes out again I highly recommend  going to see it!

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