Astoria; London, England; 03/03/03

Reviewed by Dominic Pierce Toogood

Having let MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE run riot with their own brand of what is now being called "screamo" (what fucking idiot came up with that tag?!), it was soon THE USED's turn to light up the Astoria stage - or make it multi-colored as Bert's habit of throwing up during their feverous live performances tends to do.

Although Bert managed to keep his dinner down, none of their energy or power was missing from the show, the emaciated Utah frontman literally threw himself into his performance and seemed to love every minute of the crazy rock'n'roll roller coaster ride he still seems to be on. You would never know that these guys have only had one album, such is the verve and dexterity they show live, belting out instant hits such as "Buried Myself Alive" and "Taste of Ink," the entire audience hanging on to every word. 

From the opening notes of "Maybe Memories" The Used didn't miss a beat, having the crowd in raptures one minute and on the verge of tears the next, their scale and depth being, at times, breathtaking.

So the question remains - who really needs Kelly Osbourne when you have such a natural talent as this? Not these guys. "It's our time to shine," Bert croons on the hard-nosed "Box of Sharp Objects" and I couldn't agree more. 

So see them live now: Waiting will only mean you'll be standing at the back of an arena looking through binoculars very soon.

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