THIN LIZZY; House of Blues; Las Vegas, NV; 02/15/04

Reviewed by Richard Fenkel  

    Legendary rockers Thin Lizzy invaded the House of Blues, Las Vegas, with pure their unadulterated rock'n'roll attitude. For some fans it was a trip down memory lane, for others it was a brand new rock experience. Either way, Thin Lizzy proved that - despite myriad line-up changes - this band has never lost their fiery edge. (In fact, John Sykes dedicated the show to Thin Lizzy's legendary Phil Lynott, who passed away back in 1986.)

    The current, kick-ass lineup provided classic rock to this rock-needy audience. Fans lined up hours in advance for a chance to relive their Thin Lizzy experience or to enjoy Thin Lizzy for the first time. Whether it was their first time or their 40th, the audience at the House of Blues were there to rock. 

    The fans were screaming for more after each and every tune. The band opened with the classic tune, "Jailbreak." Red sirens flashed on the corners of the stage. What a killer way to open a concert! I knew from the moment this song kicked into the chorus that the crowd would be heavily into the show. Hundreds of air guitars proved me right. 

    Fans sang along with nearly every tune, their Thin Lizzy t-shirts proudly displayed. There were audience members of all ages, and fans old and new really got into this gig.

    In addition to their incredible musicianship, the band members had great chemistry on stage. Watching them interact with each other added an extra rock'n'roll dimension to the concert.

    Other songs performed that evening included "Cowboy Song," Please Don't Leave Me," "Bad Reputation," "Cold Sweat," "Don't Believe a Word" and, of course, the legendary closer "The Boys are Back in Town." 

    Lots of groups try to recreate the past, but fall far short. Thin Lizzy proved they have the talent and the energy to rock on well into the future. The current lineup of Thin Lizzy kicks solid ass and brings some of their classic past to new fans.

    Thin Lizzy are a must-see. 

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