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The Birch Hill Nite Club, Old Bridge, NJ; 04/29/00

Reviewed by Joe Hughes

    Union released their self-titled album in 1998, and is now touring in support of their latest studio album, "The Blue Room." Union survived the sophomore album curse delivering a mature and moody twelve-song collection. With more band collaboration and emotional themes, "The Blue Room" proves to be one of the better albums of the year.

    Union was in perfect shape on April 29, 2000 when the band stopped at the Birch Hill Nite Club in Old Bridge, New Jersey. They ripped through an hour and a half set of songs from their two studio albums as well as a few Kiss and Motley Crue tunes. Union rocked through "Heavy D" from their self-titled album and "Never More" from their latest release. Bruce Kulickís signature guitar grooves shone through on the track "Pain Behind Your Eyes" and a cover of "Jungle" from his Kiss Days.

    Highlights of the evening include a rude, crude, and fierce rendition of "Who Do You Think You Are," and the fist-pumping "Do Your Own Thing," the first single off of "The Blue Room." Union also took us back to the late eighties for a killer version of "Man in the Moon" from Jon Corabiís days in the L.A. based band The Scream. Jon then left the stage and Bruce ripped out a ballsy solo over an infectious blues groove by drummer Brent Fitz and bassist Jamie Hunting.

    Union returned to the stage for a two song encore including "I Walk Alone" featuring Bruce Kulick on vocals Kiss' "Carnival of Souls" album, and "Power to the Music" from the self-titled Motley Crue album.

    Union proves there is life after Kiss and Motley Crue. The only thing stronger than their latest album is the shear rawness of their live performance. The only disappointment of the night was the inclusion of the Motley Crue and Kiss tunes and the exclusion of classic Union tunes such as "Old Man Wise," "Love (I Donít Need It Anymore)," and "October Morning Wind."

    Union will continue to play scattered gigs through out the United States.

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