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Bar Anticipation; Belmar, NJ; 10/11/00

Reviewed by Joe Hughes

Tyketto is one of the most under rated melodic rock bands of the early nineties. After a short disappearing act, a few Tyketto members surfaced with a new album under the alias of Vaughn. Just returning from a European tour, Vaughn is back in the United States for a few club dates. One of those was an intimate performance at Bar Anticipation in Belmar, New Jersey.

Vaughn took the stage with vengeance, tearing through a couple of tracks, "Bad Water" and "Meet Me in the Night," off the new self-titled album. By the end of the first song it was obvious that Vaughan stays true to Tyketto’s signature sound that broke them through over ten years ago.

Danny Vaughn’s vocals seemed stronger than ever as he ripped through such classic Tyketto songs as "Wings" and "Burning Down Inside" off their 1991 debut release "Don’t Come Easy." Michael Clayton Arbeeny and Jaimie Scott still hold as Danny’s loyal rhythm section. Watching these two play off each other reminds one how much great musicianship is overlooked today.

The highlights of the evening were the new songs off the self-titled Vaughn album. Danny’s song writing skills have matured and strengthened, obviously writing from a more personal perspective with defined emotion. Songs such as "Is That All There Is?" and "Shadowland" are so infectious that it takes days to remove the hooks and grooves from your memory. Another positive addition to Vaughn is guitarist P.J. Zitarosa and keyboardist Kyle Cummings. P.J.’s chops are very selective and give Vaughn’s material definition and an edge. 

Another surprise was a performance of Waysted’s "Heaven Tonight." Waysted, of course, were the band that introduced Danny Vaughn to the music world. Of course such hits as "Seasons," "Nothing But Love," and "Catch My Fall," the single from "Strength in Numbers," also brought back some early Tyketto memories. Vaughn ended the night with an explosive rendition of "Forever Young" from 1991.

At a time when many melodic bands from the eighties and early nineties are living off reunions tours and greatest hit records, Vaughn is delivering new albums, but still giving us that Tyketto feel. They put as much energy in a small venue gig, as they would in a large stadium. For more information, check out the official Vaughn website and Z Records for album information.

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