Nicholby's; Ventura, CA; June 21, 2006

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Snidermann and I discovered Warner Drive during a Warped Tour several years ago. The band was called FL then and later changed their name to Fully Loaded. Finally, with the release of their new CD, they settled on Warner Drive (although they called the new CD "Fully Loaded" just to keep things confusing).

The band is located out of Los Angeles and often play the Viper Club on Sunset but, with our schedules, it's tough to get to L.A. for any shows (Five Internet radio shows, a full-time webzine and the dreaded day jobs will do that to you). So, we were thrilled to discover that Warner Drive was coming to our home town of Ventura, CA and we made it a point to be there.

As expected the show was awesome. The band is one of the most energetic you'll ever hope to see and they deliver their original songs with dynamic charisma and stunning musicianship. They performed songs from their first CD, "What Does That Stand For?," songs from their new CD, "Fully Loaded," and a cover song or two. The small crowd at Nicholby's that night loved every note.

What makes Warner Drive special is that they are so talented, both as musicians and songwriters, that they could be complete assholes and still be successful. But they are far from assholes. Instead, their just ordinary guys who love what they do. Their lively and entertaining interaction with their audience is always fun and their sense of humor -- both lyrically and onstage -- is infectious. You can't go see a Warner Drive show and not have a good time.

The band is set to begin a big tour starting in early September 2006 in support of "Fully Loaded" and, if they're coming anywhere near you, you'd do yourself a favor to catch this band live.

For more information, check out http://www.warnerdrive.com

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