San Francisco, CA; 07/01/00

Reviewed by Paco

    Docked at the end of piers 30 and 32 in San Francisco was a 150-200  foot Japanese-flagged yacht. Most of the passengers and senior crew  were out sightseeing and shopping on Saturday afternoon. The crew grunts that remained on board got a special treat of having great seats for the Vans Warped Tour 2000 that shared the dock with their ship.

    Spread across the two piers (which are joined together to make a large open space) were five stages, food booths, skateboard and mountain board ramps and a booth for each of the 40+ bands playing. At least three of the stages had a band playing at all times, so it was next to impossible to see everything. Each band was strictly limited to a 30-minute set. Unfortunately for me, there was some confusion about the starting time of the show. The tickets said 12 noon, but the first band, Sweden's Millencolin, started at 11:15. I was pissed that I missed them because their newest CD, "Pennybridge Pioneers" is a permanent fixture in my CD player these days.

    Despite this problem, it was a great concert. Also on the bill were TSOL, MXPX, Snapcase, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, local Bay Area bands Papa Roach and Green Day, The Suicide Machines, Weezer, NOFX, Lunachicks, The Donnas, Long Beach Dub All-Stars, and many more.

    Snapcase and TSOL were both playing as I arrived and I didn't get a chance to see much of either set. I was well-positioned in the pit for Papa Roach, who played a very strong set for their hometown crowd. MXPX impressed me a lot too. They played mostly material from their newest CD, "The Ever Passing Moment." I saw them a couple years ago when they toured with Blink 182. I liked them back then and I think they've become even better. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones always put on a great show, and this was no exception. They played songs from their new CD as well as plenty of classics, including my favorite Bosstones tune, "Someday I Suppose" from 1993.

    NOFX's set was interrupted after the first song when someone in the pit began having a seizure. They stopped playing and told jokes for about 10 minutes while security and paramedics got in and removed the victim. The rest of their set was entirely disrespectful, offensive and musically solid. I would expect nothing less! This was great punk rock.

    The highlight of the show for me was The Suicide Machines. Despite playing near the end of the day, they had a huge amount of energy. Singer Jason Navarro body-surfed while singing on at least two songs. He and bass player Royce were running around the stage the rest of the time. Although the Suicide Machines' CD is great, they are even better live.

    The Warped Tour 2000 is a modern punk's dream concert. This is easily one of the top five concerts that I've ever seen. The tour is working its way across the country this summer, playing almost every day. Do not miss this show!

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