Ventura County Fairgrounds; Ventura, CA; 07/12/02

Reviewed by Pud

Warped Tour rules! 

I look forward to the Warped Tour every year. Armed with my RoughEdge.com press credentials, I get to pretend like I am somebody. It is the only time of the year when hot young chicks think my aging punk ass is cool! I got to hand it to this new generation - you got cool chicks. That being said, onto the music.

Thirty or so MTV boy bands pretending to play punk songs but making sure they are in "mall" fashion so the chicks think they are hot. It seems to work for them, though. The 12,000 or so "punks" in the audience loved everything they were fed and sold. 

Like last year, with legends FEAR and Pennywise playing, this year's Warped Tour brought two bands that absolutely shredded. Anti-Flag and Bad Religion play Rough Edge style music. Hard, fast, and (with these two bands), a deep political message, too. The kids ate this stuff up! I felt a faint sense of hope that the kids would get the message and "fight the power" but, alas, they only bought into it long enough to walk back to their mother's gas guzzling SUV. Oh, well. 

This year, Warped Tour is a very fun time if you buy into what MTV is offering. But for me, punk has become very safe. Too safe. Fuck it, I'm going to see Ozzy.

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