The Whiskey; Los Angeles, CA; 01/26/01

Reviewed by Snidermann

White Trash 3rd Generation (W3G) invited Keith Guillotine and me to check out their show at the Whiskey and, boy, are we glad they did. W3G consists of two singers, a  guitar, a bass and drums - a combination that is simply explosive!  

Right from the first note, the music of W3G erupts into a firestorm of metal rap that was most impressive. The singers were screaming together and individually, running around the stage and working the crowd up into a writhing frenzy.  The thrashing mosh pit (of which I had no part!) was evidence of the band's effect on the crowd.

W3G puts on a high-energy show that is full of raw talent and they obviously enjoy what they do. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the guys from W3G for a good time and a great show and I look forward to seeing and hearing more from this radical fucking band.  

Also onstage at the Whiskey that evening were a powerhouse metal rap group called Droid. They were simply electrifying on stage - a perfect combination of rap, metal, energy and aggression. I could immediately identify with the pure power of Droid. The lead singer belted out tune after tune with incredible attitude and brutality and the band followed suit with an equally impressive live presentation.  Droid will be playing the Troubadour in Hollywood soon and I just might go see them again (especially if I get an invite, hint, hint). 

W3G and Droid made our night at the Whiskey worth the drive to L.A.

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