Orleans Arena; Las Vegas, NV, 07/26/03

Reviewed by Richard Fenkel

    The newest addition to Sin City's already impressive list of kick ass venues is the Orleans Arena. A nice sized venue in a great casino .... Does Las Vegas rock or what?! With that in mind, what better group than David Coverdale's infamous Whitesnake to invade this awesome new establishment.

    The last time I saw Whitesnake perform was on a double bill with the Scorpions. After that show, I knew these guys were back and better than ever.

    This time around, Coverdale and the 'Snake hit the stage as though they had something to prove and prove it they did. They sounded just as good today as they did during the height of their career. Coverdale hit the stage in a reddish, button-down shirt and blue jeans, always looking classy and cool. His attire over the years has been consistently cool.

    In addition to his stylish clothing, Coverdale sounded awesome as well. Hitting the high notes when necessary, his voice was loud and clear. Coverdale was a General on stage, commanding his bandmates to play their best for this loyal following.  Coverdale exhibited great stage moves with the mic stand, twirling it in his signature move that drove fans into a Whitesnake frenzy, making them scream for more ...

    Coverdale apparently has it all - looks and talent ... and his interaction with his and fellow bandmembers as well as with his fans did not go unnoticed. The crowd was singing along word for word to all the classic 'Snake tracks that spanned their career.

    Whitesnake performed a plethora of their classic tunes, leaving the crowd screaming and yelling. Every tune was played to perfection. Some of their classic fare included "Judgment Day," "Slide it In," "Slow and Easy," "Bad Boys," and the perfect encore, "Still of the Night," to name a few.

    But the real reason this concert kicked ass was because of this talented current Whitesnake lineup. No disrespect to all the awesome band members over the years, but I really enjoyed watching these guys turn on the talent with one high energy song after another.

    Of course, what else would you expect? With two explosive, and almost legendary, guitarists - Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach, the famous Tommy Aldrich on the cans and Marco Mendoza on bass. And lets not forget keyboardist Timothy Drury, formerly of the Eagles. These veteran players have a gazillion years experience between them. Collectively, they are the new Whitesnake and, this lineup will go down in history as one of Whitesnake's best. 

    Catch the 'Snake on tour - the best show of the summer! The Snake is back and better than ever!

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