The Key Club; Hollywood, CA; 11/11/99

Reviewed by Lou Moreau

Yngwie Malmsteen may have put on a little weight over the past few years but, thankfully, the guitar wizard hasn't lost any of his fretboard ability or his onstage presence.

Yngwie Malmsteen took the stage at Hollywood's cool Key Club this evening and belted out some of his classic hits and some new stuff as well. The classic Malmsteen material included "Dreamin'" "Blackstar," "You Never Forget" and "Bedroom Eyes." 

Although the well-known material was better received by the audience than the material from Yngwie's latest project - which he plans to release through his own label - the new stuff sounded pretty good, too and the audience obviously enjoyed it.

Yngwie's new singer is pretty good but at one point Yngwie took over the microphone himself and, guess what? He's better. Yngwie should consider contributing more vocals to his future work. Then again, that may be almost impossible due to the amount of  concentration it must take to play the guitar like Yngwie does.

The sold-out crowd at the Key Club that evening ate it up. Yngwie's fan base seems to never have wavered and this evening's performance was proof positive that Yngwie ain't done yet.

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