March 15th and 17th, 2005
(in no particular order)



Song Title



Record Company

  BLACK SABBATH The Wizard Black Sabbath 1969  
  BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Say What You Will Mafia 2005 Artemis Records
  VOIVOD We Carry On Voivod 2003 Chophouse
  HEATHEN Death By Hanging Breaking the Silence 1999  Century Media
  OVERKILL Old School RelixIV 2005  
  METALLICA with ROB HALFORD Rapid Fire      
  GIZMACHI Bloodwine Imburning 2005  
  HEZZAKYA Bi-polar Drug Metal 2005  
  CORROSION OF CONFORMITY World Of Fire In the Arms of God 2005  
  ALICE COOPER Clones (We're All) Flush the Fashion    
  AC/DC Who Made Who Who Made Who    
  ACCEPT Love Child Balls to the Wall    
  KISS Shout It Out Loud Destroyer 1976 Casablanca
  DEADSOIL Enemies Will Suffer The Venom Divine 2004 Lifeforce
  ANTHRAX Metal Thrashing Mad The Greater of Two Evils 2004  
  DRYKILLLOGIC With Deepest Regrets... The Dead and Dreaming 2004  
  WHITE ZOMBIE Creature of the Wheel Astro-Creep 2000    
  SEVENDUST Speak      
  RAMONES Pet Sematary Greatest Hits Live    
  MASTODON Blood and Thunder Leviathan 2004 Relapse
  HATEWORK XXX Trash'n'Roll    
  CODE BLACK Sound is All That Remain Penetration   Arctic Music Group
  VOIVOD  We Carry On Voivod 2003 Chophouse
  HEATHEN Death by Hanging Breaking the Silence 1999 Century Media
  DAY OF FIRE To Fly Day of Fire 2004 Essential
  AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE Loyalty The Feeding  2005 DRT
  OMNIUM GATHERUM Wastrel Spirits and August 2003 Rage of Achilles
  ROTTING CHRIST Serve in Heaven Sanctus Diavalos 2004 Century Media

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