May 10th and 12th, 2005
In Memory of Sam Kinison
(in order played)



Song Title



Record Company

  SAM KINISON Highway to Hell Leader of the Banned   WB
  VAN HALEN Judgement Day For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge    
  GREG ASH Sam Kinison Ash Wednesday    
  ALICE COOPER School's Out School's Out   WB
  BABYLON A.D. The Kid Goes Wild Babylon A.D.    
  GUNS'N'ROSES Welcome to the Jungle Appetite for Destruction   Geffen
  SAM KINISON Wild Thing Have You Seen Me Lately   WB
  AEROSMITH Write Me Aerosmith    
  KORN Y'all Want a Single Look in the Mirror 2003 Epic
  THE KINISON Wild and Crazy Kids What are You Listening To?    
  SLAM ALICE with DOUG BOLTON Wild Thing Live at the Insomniac   Noiseosaurus
  BILLY IDOL Dancing With Myself     Chrysalis
  SAM KINISON Under My Thumb Leader of the Banned   WB
  HOWARD STERN The Sounds of Kinison      
  JUDAS PRIEST Hell Bent for Leather Hell Bent for Leather   Columbia
  BEASTIE BOYS Fight for Your Right to Party License To Ill   Columbia
  POISON Rock'n'Roll All Nite      
  SAM KINISON Mississippi Queen Leader of  the Banned   WB
  OZZY OSBOURNE Rock'n'Roll Rebel Bark at the Moon   Sony
  HELLOWEEN Shit and Lobster Treasure Chest 2002  
  SAM KINISON Are You Lonesome Tonight (live) The Johnny Carson Show    
  MOTLEY CRUE Smokin in the Boys Room      
  LOST CITY ANGELS Liberation Broken World 2005  
  TED NUGENT Dog Eat Dog Free-For-All    
  SAM KINISON Torch Song Louder than Hell   WB
  AC/DC Some Sin for Nothin' Blow Up Your Video   Atco
  SAM KINISON Gonna Raise Hell Leader of the Banned   WB

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