May 31st and June 2, 2005
(in no particular order)



Song Title



Record Company

  SLOWMOTION APOCALPYSE Vote for Extinction My Own Private Armageddon 2005  
  MERCENARY Falling 11 Dreams 2005 Metal Blade
  RUSH Tom Sawyer Moving Pictures 1981 Mercury
  PEARL JAM Even Flow 10 1981 Sony
  ALICE COOPER Snakebite Hey, Stoopid    
  SPEAKERS OF THE DEAD I Am 14400 2005  
  AXENSTAR Run and Hide The Inquisition 2005  
  BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Super Terrorizor Alcohol Fueled Brewtality    
  JUDAS PRIEST Judas Rising Angel of Retribution 2005  
  AC/DC Big Balls Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 1976  
  WARP 11 That's Why I'm in a Star Trek Band Red Alert   Reboot
  WEEZER Beverly Hills Make Believe 2005 Geffen
  GWAR Fistful of Teeth War Party 2004 DRT
  SUPAGROUP Rough Edge Rules 2005 Foodchain
  UNCHAINED The Great Witch Hunt Unchained 2005 Sound Riot
  AFI 3 1/2 A Fire Inside E.P. 1998 Adeline
  SAMMY HAGAR Remember the Heroes Three Lock Box    
  286 Broken Peace Profiled    
  CIRITH UNGOL Frost and Fire Frost and Fire    
  DIRTY AMERICANS Burn You Down Strange Generations    
  GEMINI FIVE Neon Kicks Babylon Rockets    
  PINK FLOYD One of These Days Meddle   Capitol
  TWISTED SISTER SMF Still Hungry 2004 Spitfire
  QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Little Sister Lullabies to Paralyze    
  ILL REPUTE Takin' Care of Business      
  EXTOL Essence The Blueprint Dives 2005 Century Media
  PORCUPINE TREE Shallow Deadwing 2005 Atlantic/Lava

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