June 7th and 9th, 2005
(in order played)



Song Title



Record Company

  MOTORHEAD Civil War Overnight Sensation 1996  
  DEEP PURPLE King of Dreams Slaves and Masters    
  SUICIDAL TENDENCIES You Can't Bring Me Down Lights. Camera. Revolution 1990  
  ZZ TOP Planet of Women Afterburner    
  JUDAS PRIEST Turbo Lover Turbo Lover 1986  
  BREAKING POINT Show Me a Sign Beautiful Disorder 2005 Wind-up
  METALLICA Holier Than Thou Metallica 1991  
  FARMAKON Mist A Warm Glimpse 2003 Earache / Elitist
  SAMMY HAGAR Let Sally Drive Ten-13    
  IRON MAIDEN The Number of the Beast Live at Donnington 1998  
  JIM ROSE Interview Snake Oil: Life's Calculations, Misdirections and Manipulations 2004  
  AC/DC Shoot to Thrill      
  BRUCE DICKINSON Soul Intruders Tyranny of Souls 2005 Sanctuary
  RUSH Fly By Night (or Limelight) Fly By Night (or Moving Pictures) 1981 / 1975  
  SEPULTURA Refuse / Resist Chaos A.D. 1993 Roadrunner
  FALCONER Emotional Skies Grime vs. Grandeur 2005 Metal Blade
  FINCH Ravenous Say Hello to Sunshine 2005 Geffen / Drive-Thru
  AEROSMITH Make it or Somebody Aerosmith 1973  
  INTENTIONAL RAGE The Price of Freedom The Price of Freedom 2004 Self-released
  SKINLESS From Sacrifice to Survival From Sacrifice to Survival 2003 Relapse
  ALICE COOPER Department of Youth Welcome to My Nightmare 1975  
  PLAYERS CLUB Things You Can't Imagine Coextinction 2005 Arclight
  KID ROCK Cocky Cocky 2001  
  JET CIRCUS Shooting Star Look at Death Now 2005 Hypersonic
  KISS Nothin' to Lose Alive! 1975  

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