July 26th and 28th, 2005
(in no particular order)



Song Title



Record Company

  WARP 11 Red Alert Red Alert    
  NOTHING LESS Just Another Day Here Goes Nothing 2005 Alcatraz Records
  VAN HALEN Ice Cream Man   1978 Warner Bros.
  DROWNING POOL Step Up Desensitized 2004 Wind-up
  THE GUESS WHO American Woman   1970  
  BRUCE DICKINSON Abduction Tyranny of Souls 2005 Sanctuary
  MUSHROOMHEAD These Filthy Hands XX   MCA
  REAPERS Copernical Thinkage Metalness 2001  
  AC/DC Back in Business Fly on the Wall 1985 Atlantic
  JACOB'S DREAM Drama of the Ages Drama of the Ages 2005 Metal Blade
  MY OWN VICTIM Born to Lose Deadly    
  SCREAMS OF ERIDIA God's Confession Screams of Eridia    
  WEEZER Beverly Hills Make Believe 2005 Geffen
  THE P.B. ARMY A Hole in the New Leaf Spine for the Snapback 2005 Sin Klub
  D.A.D. Evil Twin Everything Glows 2000 Warner Bros.
  IOMMI The Spell Fused 2005  
  THE WHO Who Are You? Who Are You?   MCA
  SERPENTS KISS Strider Serpents Kiss 2005
  JOAN JETT Fetish Naked 2004  
  W.A.S.P. Mean Man The Headless Children 1989 Capitol
  TOXIC HOLOCAUST War Is Hell Evil Never Dies 2004  
  KISS All American Man Alive II 1977 Casablanca
  DOPE I'm Back American Apathy 2005 Artemis
  KROKUS Long Stick Go Boom The Definitive Collection 2000 Arista
  STARZ Violation Violation 1977 Ryko
  GARDENIA Deserted Soulburner 1999 Nuclear Blast
  KATATONIA Wealth Viva Emptiness 2003 Peaceville

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