August 2nd and 4th, 2005
(in no particular order)



Song Title



Record Company

  HELLWITCH Mythological Lies   2005  
  METAL CHURCH Ton of Bricks Live 1998 Nuclear Blast America
  SUPERSUCKERS Rubber Biscuit Devil's Food 2005 Mid-Fi Recordings
  ALOGIA Samson Secret Spheres 2005 Locomotive
  LOUD'N'NASTY If You Wanna Rock Teaser Teaser 2004 Hellbound / Perris
  BISHOP Hard Rock Nights Rock On 2005 Bishopmusic
  PROWLER INC. Pay the Fiddler Pay the Fiddler 2005 Man in Black
  ALICE COOPER Dirty Diamonds Dirty Diamonds 2005 New West Records
  NASTY IDOLS Hero for Sale Heroes for Sale 2002 Power Music / Perris
  SEVENTH RIZE Divine Intervention Visceral Rock 2000 Self-released
  MON FRERE Real Ultimate Power Real Vampires EP 2005 Cake Records
  DEFAULT Count on Me (rock mix) Count on Me 2005 TVT Records
  THE FURNACE Comfort Find A Way 2005 
  TYPE O NEGATIVE Love You to Death The Least Worst of Type O Negative 2000 Roadrunner
  DARKTHRONE Straightening Sharks in Heaven Sardonic Wrath 2004 Moonfog
  AXENSTAR Inside Your Mind The Inquisition 2005  
  ZEKE Kicked in the Teeth Kicked in the Teeth    
  BOB SEGER AND THE SILVER BULLET BAND Feel Like a Number Nine Tonight 1981 Capitol


  HALFORD The One You Love to Hate Resurrection    
  ROB ZOMBIE Demonoid Phenomenon Hellbilly Delux   Geffen
  THE OFFSPRING Bad Habit Smash    
  TESTAMENT The New Order First Strike, Still Deadly    
  SCORPIONS Blood Too Hot Unbreakable 2001  
  MOTORHEAD Love Can't Buy You Money Overnight Sensation 1996 CMC International
  POWERMAN 5000 Automatic Tonight the Stars Revolt! 1999 DreamWorks Records
  KISS Parasite Alive!   Casablanca
  HATEWORK Get Off Trash'n'Roll    
  CIPHER SYSTEM State Unknown Central Tunnel 8    
  ALICE COOPER Love's a Loaded Gun Hey, Stoopid!    

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