Sept. 13th and 15th, 2005
(in no particular order)



Song Title



Record Company

  HATESPHERE The Will of God      
  AC/DC Rock'n'roll Singer High Voltage    
  THE RED DEATH Aftertaste of the Emaciated External Frames of Reference    
  CHEAP TRICK Surrender Heaven Tonight    
  BILLY IDOL Rat Race Devil's Playground    
  THEM TERRIBLES Black Sally     Warped Tour 2005
  SKINTILLA White Flag Down Shedding Skin    
  OTEP T.R.I.C. Sevas Tra    
  SURF THE BLACK Violate     DeadZone Records
  MOTORHEAD We Are Motorhead We Are Motorhead    
  JUDAS PRIEST Turbo Lover Turbo   Columbia
  PANTERA All Over Tonight Project in the Jungle    
  BOBAFLEX Turn the Heat Up Apologize for Nothing 2005 TVT
  VOIVOD Invisible Planet Voivod    
  THE GREAT KAT Sarasate's "Zapateado" (for violin and guitar) Wagner's War 2004  
  MATTIAS IA EKLUNDH Smoke on the Water Freak Guitar: The Road Less Traveled" 2005 Favored Nations
  STARZ Violation Violation 1977 Rykiodisk
  TRAPT Disconnected Someone in Control  2005 Warner Bros.
  THE ROLLING STONES Driving Too Fast Bigger Bang 2005 Virgin
  3 INCHES OF BLOOD Axes of Evil Advance & Vanquish   Roadrunner
  NIGHTRAGE The Glow of the Setting Sun Sweet Vengeance    
  ICED EARTH Greenface The Glorious Burden 2004  
  LEATHERWOLF Kill and Kill Again Endangered Species    
  JACKNIFE Stand Your Ground Moment of Reckoning 2005  
  KISS King of the Mountain  Asylum 1983 Mercury
  32 LEAVES Sudden Change Welcome to the Fall 2005 Double Blind
  ALICE COOPER Brutal Planet Brutal Planet    
  TREE Real Our Day Will Come 1999 Wonderdrug / Ourselves Alone
  FULL ON THE MOUTH People Mover Collide 1998 Atlantic / Pioneer

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