Sept. 20th and 22th, 2005
(in no particular order)



Song Title



Record Company

  CIRCLE II CIRCLE Open Season Middle of Nowhere 2005  
  SYSTEM OF A DOWN Old School Hollywood Mesmerize 2005 American
  SAMAEL On Earth Reign of Light 2005 Galactical Records
  BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Blessed Hellride Blessed Hellride    
  ASSENT SOCIETY Wasted Lives      
  SLAYER Criminally Insane Reign in Blood    
  FIGHT Immortal Sin War of Words 1993 Sony
  MARILYN MANSON Rock Is Dead "The Matrix" Soundtrack 1999 Maverick Recordings
  MUZZA CHUCKA Float Foundations Forum 1993 CD Sampler 1993 Arista Records
  AC/DC Can't Stand Still Stiff Upper Lip 2000 Elektra Entertainment
  WIDOWMAKER Killing Time Stand by For Pain    
  JUDAS PRIEST Metal Gods British Steel    
  KISS Rise to It Hot in the Shade 1989 Polygram
  DEADSOIL Hellsphere The Venom Divine 2001  
  VADER We Wait Blood    
  MOTORHEAD Iron Fist Iron Fist    
  OVER IT Ignore the Noise Silverstrand 2005 Lobster Records
  SEVEN WITCHES Metal Messiah Passage to the Other Side 2003 Noise / Sanctuary
  GREEN DAY Platypus (I Hate You) Nimrod    
  ANTHRAX Only Music of Mass Destruction    
  BON JOVI   Have a Nice Day 2005  
  DISTURBED Guarded Ten Thousand Fists 2005  
  LENNON Brake of My Car 5:30 Saturday Morning    
  NASHVILLE PUSSY Come On Come On Get Some  2005  
  SIMPLE PLAN Surrender Fantastic 4: The Album 2005 Wind-up
  STRATOVARIUS  Fight!!! Stratovarius 2005  
   NIGHTRAGE  Drug Descent Into Chaos 2005  Century Media
   NEUROTICA Time Inflator  Living In Dog Years  1999 NMG Entertainment

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