November 1st and 3rd, 2005
(in no particular order)



Song Title



Record Company

MOTORHEAD Make My Day 1916    
AMERICAN DOG Shitkicker (live) Foamin' at the Mouth - Live 2005  
ALICE COOPER Go to Hell Alice Cooper Goes to Hell    
CODE BLACK Superior Machine Penetration    
THE HELLACOPTERS (Got to Get Some Action) Now!      
CYATONIC Inside the Avalanche Maze      
PAINGOD Paingod       
FALCONER The Return Grime Vs. Grandeur    
MY OWN VICTIM State of Aggression  Deadly    
HATESPHERE The Will of God      
KREATOR Renewal  Renewal    
FEAR MY THOUGHTS Dying Eyes  Hell Sweet Hell    
WARP 11 A Song for People Who Never Watched Star Trek Boldy Go Down on Me    
SLOWMOTION APOCALYPSE Last Generation Humans      
THE GOLDEN GODS Trouble & Bad Women The Thorny Crown of Rock and Roll 2005 24 Hour Entertainment
DAIZE SHAYNE Can't Have Just a Little Live Your Dreams 2005 New Game Media
DEEP PURPLE Back to Back Rapture of the Deep 2005 Edel
KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Take the Oath Alive of Just Breathing
OZZY OSBOURNE Sympathy For the Devil Under Covers 2005 Epic
DEE DEE RAMONE I Saw a Skull Instead of My Face Hop Around
SLIPKNOT Disasterpiece Iowa
TESTAMENT Ten Thousand Thrones Demonic
REINCIDENTES Rock and Roll El Comercio del Dolar 2005 Locomotive
TURBONEGRO Blow Me (Like the Wind) Party Animals 2005 Abacus
TWISTED SISTER We're Not Gonna Take It Stay Hungry
RICHIE RANNO GROUP Whiskey Train RRG 1996 Drastic
GREEN JELLY Electric Harley House of Love Green Jelly Suxx 1992 BMG
LOCURA Annihilation Emotional Distress 1999 Self-produced
CONSTRUCDEAD Repent Repent 2001 Cold Records
MR. BUNGLE Desert Search for Techno Allah Disco Volante 1995 Warner Bros.

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