November 8th and 10th, 2005
(in no particular order)



Song Title



Record Company

  CROTCHDUSTER The True Nature of Williams      
  BIG TWIN DIN Arizona Life      
  DOG FACED GODS Run, Run       
  NOTHINGFACE Breathout      
  MEGADETH Peace Sells      
  KATAGORY 5 Turn to Glory       
  IN FLAMES My Sweet Shadow      
ALICE COOPER Cold Ethel      
  CYATONIC Inside the Avalanche      
  AC/DC Who Made Who      
  MACHINE HEAD Seasons With (live)      
  EL PUS Nite Train Hoodlum Rock Vol. 1 2005 Virgin
  NONPOINT Bullet With a Name To the Pain 2005 Beiler Bros.
  LIMP BIZKIT Take a Look Around Greatest Hitz 2005  
  KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Take the Oath Alive or Just Breathing   Roadrunner
  AXE Heat in the Street Nemesis MCA
  ORANGE GOBLIN Getting High on Bad Times Coup De Grace    
  FORGE  The Fold Bring on the Apocalypse 2003 Static Records
  CEREBUS EFFECT Identity Crisis Acts of Deception 2005 Self-produced
  BADLANDS Dog Dusk    
  RACER X Blowin' Up the Radio Street Lethal    
  XYZ Inside Out Forbidden Demos 1985 - 1991 2005 FYCO
  FU MANCHU Today's Too Soon Start the Machine    
  FEAR I Believe I'll Have Another Beer Have Another Beer With Fear 1995 Fear / Sector 2
  ROLLING STONES Rough Justice Bigger Bang 2005  
  GRACEPOINT Overwhelm Science of Discontent 2000 Candlewax
  THE DUSKFALL Striving to Have Nothing Source 2003 Black Lotus

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