November 15th and 17th, 2005
(in no particular order)



Song Title



Record Company

  DEVILDRIVER Hold Back the Day       
  BEECHER Function Function      
  AC/DC D.T. Who Made Who 1986  
  IRON MAIDEN The Number of the Beast (live) Live at Donnington      
  TED NUGENT Cat Scratch Fever Cat Scratch Fever  1977  
  AEROSMITH Sick as a Dog Rocks 1976  
  DRILLPOINT Faking Demo 2003  
   MEMBRANE Dirty Utility of Useless Things    
  BOBAFLEX Medicine         
  DITCHWATER You Can't Take It With You      
  NUSE Alive I'm Not      
  SCREAMS OF ERIDIA Scorn         
  286 '68      
  JET CIRCUS Look at Death Now      
  EVEN X In My Rage Angry Mirror 2004 Sunland Records
  DR. KNOW Watch It Burn Habily: What Was Old Is New 2001 Cleopatra Records
  WET ANIMAL Soul Alone Wet Animal 2005 Escapi
  DAISY SHAYNE Can't Have Just a Little Live Your Dream 2005  
  SLIPKNOT Duality (live) 9.0 Live 2005 Roadrunner
  TOKYO DRAGONS Do You Wanna Give Me the Fear 2005 Escaapi
  BOLT THROWER World Eater Realm of Chaos   Metal Blade
  GREEN DAY Letterbomb American Idiot    Warner Bros.
  GEORGE LYNCH Stormbringer Furious George    
  MOTORHEAD Ace of Spades Ace of Spades    
  RUSH Fly By Night (live) Different Stages    
  MICHAEL BRUCE Is It My Body Halo of Flies 2002 NMC
  JUDAS PRIEST The Ripper (live) '98 Live Metldown 1998 CMC
  METAL CHURCH Bomb to Drop Weight of the World 2005 SPV
  VAN HALEN Romeo Delight Women and Children First    
  ANGEL DUST Black Rain Bleed 1999 Century Media

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