November 22nd and 24th, 2005
(in no particular order)



Song Title



Record Company

DEVILDRIVER Hold Back the Day      
BEECHER Function Function      
IGNARUS All Downhill    
LES CLAYPOOL'S FROG BRIGADE Live Les Claypool's Frog Brigade  
FIGHT Nailed to the Gun War of Words    
FOO FIGHTERS FFL Five Songs and A Cover (Best Buy Exclusive EP) 2005 RCA
DARK HAVEN Nightmare Your Darkest Hour 2005 Self-released
MOTORHEAD Talking Head Bomber 1979 Sanctuary
THUNDERLORDS I Love Dirt  Noisy Songs for Noisy Kids 2005 Self-released
COPPER Conversation The Fragile Fall 2003 Rockpie
HELLOWEEN Mrs. God Keeper of the Seven Keys: The Legacy 2005 SPV / Steamhammer
THE DARKNESS One Way Ticket One Way Ticket to Hell and Back 2005 Atlantic
TRIBE OF JUDAH Thanks for Nothing Exit Elvis 2002  
LENNON Thank You 5:30 Saturday Morning      
LED ZEPPELIN Thank You Led Zeppelin 2    
RICK RAY Just Wanted to Thank You Chainsaw Manicure     
DEVO Thanks to You Pioneers Who Got Scalped   Rhino
OZZY OSBOURNE Thank God for the Bomb (live) Prince of Darkness 2005  
ZZ TOP I Thank You Chrome Smoke & BBQ    
JUNGLE ROT Human Shall Pay Dead & Buried 2004 Olympic
TIAMAT Cold Seed Deeper Kind of Slumber 1997 Century Media

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