December 13th and 15th, 2005
(in no particular order)



Song Title



Record Company

  THE IRON MAIDENS Aces High The Iron Maidens 2005 DRZ Records
  KISS Magic Touch Dynasty 1977 Casablanca
  GROOVIE GHOULIES Hello Again World Contact Day 1996 Contact Records
  LAMB OF GOD Laid to Rest Ashes of the Wake    Prosthetic Records
  PLASMATICS Just Like on TV Coup d 'tat      
  ILLBREAK Flesh and Bone The Flood 2005 Imprint
  SUM 41 Noots Fantastic Four Soundtrack 2005 Wind-up
  DIMEBAG DARRELL Caged in a Rage Supercop Soundtrack 1996 Interscope
  DAMAGEPLAN Blink of an Eye New Found Power 2004  
  SINOCENCE Psycho Black Still Life Pose 2005 Self-released
  MEAT LOAF Whatever Happened to Saturday Night (live) I'd Lie For You (single)    
  FASTWAY Trick or Treat On Target - Reworked 1998 Receiver Records
  FACES OF BLACK Streets The Reckoning 2005 Socan/Faces of Black
  I.C.E. Astral Frost Invocation Apocalyptic End in White 2004 Crash
  OXES Half Half and Half Oxxxes 2002 Monitor
DRAGONLORD Emerald (Thin Lizzy cover) Black Wings of Destiny
RUSH Closer to the Heart (live) A Show of Hands 1997
IDOLS NEVER DIE Autumn Song Election Day Fire
DIAMOND REXX Put 'Em on Ice Golden Gates
L7 Mr. Integrity Bricks are Heavy
FRIGHTMARE Black Christmas Midnight Murder Mania
WRETCH Me Or You Haunting Convictions
FOZZY Happenstance Happenstance
BRUCE DICKINSON Power of the Sun Tyranny of Souls
DOG FACED GODS Save Me Stoned Council
FREEDOM CALL Kings & Queens The Circle of Life
HATESPHERE Trip at the Brain The Killing EP
RAZOR RIDE Lust for the Wench

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