January 17th and 19th, 2006
(in no particular order)



Song Title



Record Company

** 18 SPEED TRANNY Chemical Guide      
  IN FLAMES Bottled Soundtrack to Your Escape    
  SKRAPP METTLE Star Hag You're So Sensitive    
  AUDIOSLAVE Gasoline      
  AC/DC The Honey Roll Ball Breaker    
  PRIMUS Wynona's Big Brown Beaver Tales from the Punchbowl    
  BLUE OYSTER CULT Still Burnin' Heaven Forbid     
  ACCEPT Bulletproof Objective Overruled    
  LANFEAR Beneath It All Art Effect    
  IRON SAVIOR Firing the Guns Dark Assault    
  MOONLIGHT AGONY Moonlit Horizon Echoes of a Nightmare      
  CIRCLE II CIRCLE Holding On The Middle of Nowhere    
   THE GROOVY GHOULIES Hell Time Born in the Basement    
  STRATOVARIUS Manic Dance    
  ANTHRAX I Am the Law Return of the Killer A's 1999 Beyond
  IRON MAIDEN Can I Play With Madness (Live) Death on the Road 2004 Sanctuary
  DENNIS MOST AND THE INSTIGATORS Gruesome Stuff Vampire City 2004 Trash2001 Records
  CROWBAR Underworld Lifesblood for the Downtrodden 2005 Candlelight
  KABANG What Will Tomorrow Bring Degeneration 2005 Tribro Records
  RESURRECTURIS The Last Sun The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell 2005 Self-released
  STRATOVARIUS Future Shock Fright Night 1989 Columbia
  NERF HERDER Mr. Spock TBS Tunes - Fun Tracks Wisecraks 2006 Rhino
  ICED EARTH Stormrider The Blessed and the Damned 2004 Century Media
  HIMSA Sleezevil Hail Horror 2006 Prosthetic
  IN FLAMES Take This Life Come Clarity 2006 Nuclear Blast
  RAMONES Scattergun Adios Amigos 1996 MCA
   UNEARTH It's So Easy Bring You to Your Knees: A Tribute to Guns N'Roses Law of Inertia
  PRETTY BOY FLOYD It's Still Rock'n'Roll to Me Live at The Pretty Ugly Club 2001 Perris Records
** FACE DOWN Blood Titles The Will To Power 2005 Black Lodge
  SCUM Deathpunkscumfuck Gospels of the Sick 2005 Candlelight USA

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