January 31st and February 2nd, 2006
(in no particular order)



Song Title



Record Company

NASTY IDOLS Wish You Were Alive Heroes for Sale 1995 Perris Records
METAL CHURCH Toys in the Attic Masterpeace Nuclear Blast
SIN DIZZY Psalm 23 He's Not Dead 1998 TGM
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY Dirty Hands Empty Pockets All Ready Gone In the Arms of God    
  ANNIHILATOR Like Father, Like Gun Schizo Deluxe 2005 Locomotive
  RIPPER OWENS et al Flight of Icarus Numbers from the Beast 2005 Restless
TALLBOY SHOTGUN Blindfolds Demo 2006
FLYLEAF Fully Live Flyleaf 2005 Octone
PICKET LINE  The Black In White Chapter: End 2005
JONUTIS Molly Solid 2004
DEE SNIDER Hard Core Never Let the Bastards Wear You Down 2000 KOCH
VINNIE VINCENT Full Shredd Euphoria EP 1996 Metaluna
TED NUGENT My Baby Likes Butter on Her Grits Craveman 2002 Spitfire
GUNS N'ROSES I Don't Care About You The Spaghetti Incident 1993 Geffen
** POSSESSED Pentagram Seven Churches 1985 Relativity
AFTER FOREVER Between Fire and Love Invisible Circle 2004 Avalon Japan
** SCUM OF THE EARTH Pornstarchampion Blah Blah Blah - Love Songs for the New Millenium 2005
BALANCE OF POWER Sings of the World Ten More Tales...
AXENSTAR Run or Hide The Inquisition
PAGAN'S MIND Coming Home Enigmatic Calling
IRON SAVIOR Delivering the Goods Dark Assault
LANFEAR Beneath It All Art Effect
MINDFLOW Another Point of View Just the Two of Us ... Me and Them
KATAGORY V Chrono-logic A New Breed of Rebellion
MOTORHEAD Orgasmatron (live) BBC Live and In Session
SVARTSYN Upon the Throne
MEGADETH The Disintegrators
PECATTUM The Moribund People
  NOVEMBERS DOOM Swallowed by The Moon      

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