February 14th and 16th, 2006
(in no particular order)



Song Title



Record Company

  RAMONES High Risk Insurance End of the Century 1979 Sire
  ARMORED SAINT Chemical Euphoria (live) Saints Will Conquer 1988 Metal Blade
  BURN THE PRIEST Buckeye Burn the Priest 1998 Legion
  SAXON Burning Wheels Dogs of War 1995 SPV / Steamhammer
  GREG GINN You Drive Me Crazy Getting Even 1993 Cruz Records
  ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE The Dead in the Queue This is a Spark of Life 2003 Indecision Records
  ROB ZOMBIE Foxy Foxy Educated Horses 2006 Geffen
  DOGS OF WINTER Thumbscrews Cut Down to the Quick 2005 Exotic
  TENTH CIRCLE In the Name Of Of War & Reflection    
  CONCEPT 7 Damping Factor The Undeniable Constant 2006
  ONE DEAD THREE WOUNDED Thank God for Painkillers One Dead Three Wounded 2006 Ministry of Truth
  SEVEN WITCHES Sunnydale High Amped 2006 Candlelight
  KISS I Stole Your Love Love Gun 1977 Casablanca
  SLAVE TO THE SYSTEM Gone Today Slave to the System 2006
** AT WAR WITH SELF Run Torn Between Dimensions 2005 Free Electric Sound
  CARPATHIAN FOREST Skjend Hans Lik Skjend Hans Lik 2004 Seasons of Mist
** A LIFE ONCE LOST Needleman      
   EVERY TIME I DIE Bored Stiff Gutter Phenomenon    
  FIGHTING WITH FIRE Cut the Transmission ATL Sessions September 2003    
  ROLEN Will The Unexplained    
  ANNIHILATOR Imperiled Eyes    
  UDO Thunderball Thunderball    
  MUDVAYNE Small Silhouette      
  METAL CHURCH Psycho Live    
  SABATON Primo Victoria      
  PAGAN'S MIND Coming Home        
  ROADRUNNER UNITED The Dagger (not final cut) All Star Sessions      
  ALICE COOPER Department of Youth Welcome to My Nightmare      

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