March 14th and 16th, 2006
(in no particular order)



Song Title



Record Company

  GIDEONS PAWN Solitude The Full Twelve Inches 2006 Levon Black Records
  STRESS FACTOR 9 Spare Change Brainwarp Mindspin 2006 Self-produced
  BLACK SABBATH Paranoid Under Wheels of Confusion, Disc 1     
  DEAD RITES Let the Devil Name Him In the Midst of Malevolence 2006 Hedonism Records
   DOG FACED GODS Stand Alone (rap version) Stoned Council 2005  
  THE KINISON Every Genius Has Their Hang Ups What Are You Listening To? 2004 La Salle
  HEADLESS CROSS Circle of Madness Burning Sanctuary 2006 Self-produced ( 
  MRS. GRUNDY Smogging and Jogging # 3 ... With a Mullet 2004 Screaming Yuppie Records
  FRAME SHIFT Human Grain An Absence of Empathy 2005 ProgRock Records
  GLENN TIPTON New Breed Baptizm of Fire (re-issue) 2006 Rhino
  TIPTON, ENTWISTLE & POWELL Give Blood Edge of the World 2006 Rhino
  HURT Unkind Vol. 1 2006 Capitol
  DAME FORTUNE Both Sides of Midnite Both Sides of Midnite 2004 Raido Records
  DEK Guilty Wattatata 2005 Something Weird Music
** HAEMOTH Famished Kontamination 2005 Southern Lord
  KAIZEN Spearhead of Lies Supporting Continual Movement 2001 Kontsha Products
** 2 CENTS Wired      
  AZURE King of Stars Bearer of Dark King of Stars Bearer of Dark    
   CHIMAIRA Eyes of a Criminal Rainbow Six Soundtrack    
  HYDROGYN Back in Black (AC/DC Cover)      
  JUNGLE ROT Humans Shall Pay      
  LIZZY BORDEN Live and Let Die (live) The Murderous Metal Show    
  JONUTIS  Molly      
  BLACK SABBATH Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (live)  Reunion    
  VICIOUS CIRCLE Phantom Pains       
  MOTORHEAD Iron Horse        
  AC/DC High Voltage High Voltage    
  WICKED WISDOM One Wicked Widsom 2006  
  IN FLAMES Bullet Ride (live) The Tokyo Showdown     
  FIGHT Immortal Sin Fight    

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