March 21st and 23rd, 2006
(in no particular order)



Song Title



Record Company

SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN Caught You Red Handed Third Time is the Charm 2006 Leviathan
CHAR-MAN Come on Everybody Char-Man 2005 
  DAME FORTUNE Both Sides of Midnite Both Sides of Midnite 2004 Raido Records
ERIC MANTEL Tribute The Unstruck Melody 2006  Holistic Music Entertainment
MEGADETH High Speed Dirt The Arsenal of Megadeth DVD 2006 Capitol
REVELATION THEORY M367 (Out of Our Hands) Truth is Currency 2005 Another Century / Element One
DIRTY RIG Rock Did It Rock Did It 2006 Escapi
CANNIBAL CORPSE  Make Them Suffer Kill 2006 Metal Blade
MACHINEMADE GOD Bleeding From Within The Infinity Complex 2006 Metal Blade
HURT Vol. 1 2006 Capitol
SWEET White Mice Give Us a Wink 1976 Capitol
DEEP PURPLE Highway Star Machine Head 1972 Warner Bros.
THE DARKNESS Is It Just Me? One Way Ticket to Hell and Back 2006 Atlantic
RAGE Don't Fear the Winter Perfect Man 1988 Noise International
** ANDY TIMMONS  Helipad Resolution 2006 Favored Nations
  IMMOLATION Harnessing Ruin Harnessing Ruin 2005 Century Media
  LIZZY BORDEN Live and Let Die (live) The Murderous Metal Show    

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