April 11th and 13th, 2006
(in no particular order)



Song Title



Record Company

  CONCEPT 7 Art of War The Undeniable Constant 2006 Earthspike
  DYSINFORMATION Born to Be Wild Smoke & Mirrors 2005 Masonic
  THE SCARED STIFFS My Hands, Your Throat Autopsy Turvy 2005 Poptown Records
  TED NUGENT Free-For-All (live) Free For All    
  DAVE EVANS Back on the Firing Line Sinner 2004 Heart Attack Records
  CHEAP TRICK Perfect Stranger Rockford 2006 Cheap Trick Unlimited
  AC/DC with DAVE EVANS Can I Sit Next To You Girl Unreleased
  SEVENDUST School's Out Best Of Chapter One 2005 TVT
  STUCK MOJO Southern Born Killers Southern Born Killers 2006  
  SILENT CIVILIAN Falling Down Rebirth of the Temple 2006 KOCH
  LACUNA COIL Our Truth Our Truth EP / Underworld: Evolution soundtrack 2005  
  PSYCHOSTICK Beer  We Couldn't Think of a Title    
  MARILYN MANSON Mob Scene The Golden Age of Grotesque    
**  AMORPHIS Two Moons Eclipse 2006 Nuclear Blast
   CRYPTOPSY Flame to the Surface Whisper Supremacy 1998 Century Media
** WITCHERY Stix Don't Fear the Reaper 2006   
   YAKUZA  Pilecost Samsara 2006   
   ALICE COOPER Billion Dollar Babies (live) Billion Dollar Babies (Deluxe Edition)      
    DIATRIBE Live in Live        
   GEARED 4 Bleeding Heart        
   I.D.T. Switchback Demo      
  SILENT CIVILIAN Rebirth in the Temple Rebirth in the Temple 2006 KOCH
   GRAVEWORM Tears From My Eyes When Daylight's Gone    
   HYPERION Through Centuries Through Centuries    
   JUDAS PRIEST Wheels of Fire Angel of Retribution 2005 Columbia
   BLACK SABBATH The Wizard Black Sabbath    
   AC/DC Who Made Who Who Made Who    
   P.O.D. Hollywood The Hard and the Heavy Volume 1    
   OATHEAN Beyond the Memories The End of Music as We Know It    

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