May 23rd and 25th, 2006



Song Title



Record Company

  REBEL MEETS REBEL One Nite Stands Rebel Meets Rebel 2006 Big Vin
  ANGEL BLAKE Retaliate Angel Blake 2006 Metal Blade
  DEEP PURPLE Pictures of Home (live) Live at Montreaux 1996 2006 Eagle Records
  BLISSED Monster Corrosive 2006 KRR Records
  ANGELS AND AIRWAVES The War Angels and Airwaves 2006 Geffen
  JED Two Eyed Cyclops Synesthesia 2006 Self-produced
  POST MORTEM MANNEQUIN Consider the Odds Demo 2006
  RAMONES Born to Die in Berlin Adios Amigos    
  286 Dark Carnival Profiled    
  3 INCHES OF BLOOD Deadly Sinners Advance & Vanquish   Roadrunner
  GRADE 8 Adrenachrome Grade 8    
  VAN HALEN Runnin' With the Devil The Best of Both Worlds    
  THE VANDALS Don't Make Me Get My Fat Lazy Ass Up Off Of This Couch Hollywood Potato Chip   Kung Fu
** O.S.I. Free Free 2006 SPV / Inside Out
  UNSANE Over Me Occupational Hazard 1998 Relapse
** LED ZEPPELIN Black Dog      
  AC/DC What's Next to the Moon Powerage    
  ATREYU My Fork in the Road (Your Knife in My Back) A Deathgrip on Yesterday 2006 Victory
  RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE People of the Sun Evil Empire    
  IRON MAIDEN Gangland Number of the Beast    
  MENTAL Searchin' for the Light Get an Oxygen Tank    
  NOVA LEX Falling Souls      
  THE ALMIGHTY Powertrippin' Foundations Forum Sampler '93    
  ROB ZOMBIE Dragula (Hot Rod Herman Remix) The Matrix Soundtrack    
  WARP 11 Boldly Go Down on Me      
  ALICE COOPER Clones (We're All) Flush the Fashion    
  ONE DEAD THREE WOUNDED Burning Bridges is so 1999 Paint the Town    
  ENGAGE Fury      

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