June 6th and 8th, 2006
The All Devil Metal Show!



Song Title



Record Company

  DEICIDE Homage for Satan The Stench of Redemption 2006 Roadrunner
  SLAYER Cult Untitled 2006 American
  IRON MAIDEN The Number of the Beast The Number of the Beast   Capitol
  MOTLEY CRUE Shot at the Devil Shout at the Devil   Warner
  BLACK LABEL SOCIETY The Blessed Hellride      
  ANNIHILATOR Maximum Satan Schizo Deluxe    
  ANGEL DUST Got This Evil      
  DIMMU BORGIR Spellboudn by the Devil      
  DIO Evil Eyes      
  LEMMY Hellraiser      
  METALLICA Am I Evil?      
  ICED EARTH Pure Evil      
  FRANKENSTEIN DRAG QUEENS Going to Hell Little Box of Horrors 2006 Restless
  CAGE Root of All Evil Astrology    
** NOCTURNAL RITES Hellenium      
  GOGOROTH Forces of Satan Storms      
** ALICE COOPER Prince of Darkness      
  AC/DC Highway to Hell      
  VENOM Leave Me In Hell      
  HALFORD Made in Hell      
  SUDDEN DEATH Jesus666      
  IRON MAIDEN Number of the Beast (live)      
  JUDAS PRIEST Race with the Devil      
  GRIM REAPER Lord of Darkness Fear of Evil    
  JACKNIFE Glimpse of Hell      
  KISS Hotter Than Hell      
  OZZY OSBOURNE Sympathy for the Devil      
  SUSPERIA Home Sweet Hell      
  SUPERSUCKERS Devil's Food      
  THE VANDALS Designed by Satan      

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