July 11th and 13th, 2006
The Warped Tour Show



Song Title



Record Company

  JOAN JETT Riddles Sinner 2006 Blackheart Records
  GWAR School's Out Beyond Hell 2006  
  HELMET Gone Monochrome 2006 WarCon
  THROWDOWN Forever Blood Sweat & Ten Years    
  EMERY Left with Alibis and Lying Eyes      
  CHIODOS One Day Women Will All Become Monsters All's Well That Ends Well   Equal Vision
  THE VINCENT BLACK SHADOW Bullet on the Tracks Fears in the Water 2006 Bodog
  SAVES THE DAY The End Sound the Alarm    
  THE BLED My Assassin Found in the Flood 2005 Vagrant
  SENSES FAIL 187 From the Depths of Dreams   Vagrant
  MONEEN If Tragedy's Appealing, Then Disaster's an Addiction The Red Tree 2006 Vagrant
  PROTEST THE HERO These Colors Don't Run A Calculated Use of Sound    
  EMANUEL The Hey Man Soundtrack to a Head Rush    
  BRITT BLACK Jet Black Heart Blackout 2006 Bodog
** BURST Slave Emotion      
  JOE SATRIANI Redshift Riders Super Colossal 2006 Epic
** THE FIRM Radioactive Origo 2006 Relapse
  AXAMENTA Demons Shelter Within EverArchiTecture    
  OUTCAST Desecrated Dreams      
  RISE AGAINST Ready to Fall      
  MCQUEEN Blinded      
  EXVERTIGO Epitaph      
  FINAL FATE Turtle High Cliffs      
  FIRESTORM Systemtatic Ignorance      
  JUDAS WAKE Breath Away      
  OUR DYING MOMENT The Scarlet Letter      
  ALICE COOPER Hurricane Years Hey Stoopid    
  WHITE ZOMBIE Electric Head Pt 1 Astro Creep 2000    
  METAL CHURCH The Dark Live    
  HONEY FOR CHRIST The Darkest Pinnacle of Light The Darkest Pinnacle of Light    

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