August 1st and 3rd, 2006



Song Title



Record Company

  SUPERCREEP Mushroom Cloud Supercreep 2005 Universal
  JED Minion Sanctuary 200 2001 Self-released (
  MARKY RAMONE Nowhere Man Start of the Century 2006 Fuel 2000
  BLACKTOOTH Nothing Safe Unmarketable Progression 2002 Self-produced
  POISON Don't Mess Around with Jim Look What the Cat Dragged In (20th Anniversary Edition) 2006 Capitol
  JACKYL Street Went Legit Stayin' Alive 1998 Shimmertone
  HB SURROUND SOUND Big Truck HB Surround Sound 2006 Skin Ind.
  FERMATA Frustrated Vessel 2006 Doughmain Records
  SCAR'D SANITY Bleed A Way to Hide 2006 Gotham Records
  THUNDERBOSS King of the Road Thunderboss 2006 Poptown
  SLAYER Cult Christ Illusion 2006 American
  THE SHOCKER Body Count Up Your Ass Tray (The Full Length) 2006 Go Kart
  IRON MAIDEN Futureal Edward the Great    
  BRUCE KULICK Inn of the Mountain Gods Transformer   Self-released
  SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN Love Train Third Time's the Charm 2006  
** MURDER SQUAD I Am Eternal Ravenous Murderous 2004 Candlelight / Threeman
  TROUBLE Plastic Green Head Plastic Green Head 1995 Century Media
** BLACKLISTUNION After the Mourning  After the Mourning    
  ALICE COOPER Smokin' in the Boys Room      
  COAL CHAMBER with OZZY OSBOURNE Shock the Monkey      
  LAMB OF GOD Now You've Got Something to Die For      
  MINISTRY Every Day is Halloween      
  U2 Vertigo How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb    
  KATEGORY V Hostile Takeover The Rising Anger    
  DIO Wild One Lock Up the Wolves    
  IOMMI with Henry Rollins Laughing Man (in the Devil Mask)      
  PORTIKUS Lost      
  LACUNA COIL Enjoy the Silence Karmacode    
  HATEBREED Smash Your Enemies Under the Knife    
  NOVA LEX Falling Souls      

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