August 15th and 17th, 2006



Song Title



Record Company

  JUNGLE ROT Agent Orange (Sodom cover) Darkness Foretold 1998 SOD
  GWAR Rock & Roll Party Town Hell-O 1988 Metal Blade
  DRAGONFORCE Storming the Burning Fields Inhuman Rampage 2006 Sanctuary
  MONSTER MAGNET Silver Future Heavy Metal 2000 Soundtrack 2000 Restless
  JAKE E. LEE Rock Candy Retraced 2005 Shrapnel
  DOG FACED GODS Brings Me Down Stoned Council 2005 Voodoo
  GIANT SQUID   Metridium Fields 2006 The End
  SLAYER Cult      
  CARMINE APPICE PROJECT (with Steven Seagal and Seymour Duncan) GZ Blues Ultimate Guitar Zeus 2006 Escapi
  LAST DITCH REMEDY This War The Following 2006 Cake Records
  MOTORHEAD Trigger Kiss of Death 2006 Sanctuary
** GAMMMA RAY How Long Majestic 2005 Sanctuary/Mayan
  DESPISED ICON The Sunset Will Never Charm Us The Healing Process 2005 Century Media
** BLUE OYSTER CULT Hammer Back Heaven Forbid    
  MOTORHEAD Sex & Death Sacrifice    
  THE UNION UNDERGROUND South Texas Deathride An Education in Rebellion    
  WICKED WISDOM Don't Hate Me      
  SEVENDUST Break the Walls Down WWE Forceable Entry 2004    
  ALICE COOPER Sex Death and Money Dragontown    
  ACCEPT Fight It Back Balls to the Wall    
  BLACK SABBATH Electronic Funeral Paranoid    
  BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Lords of Destruction 1919 Eternal    
  JUDAS PRIEST Killing Machine Hell Bent For Leather    
  KISS King of the Night Time World Destroyer 1976 Casablance

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