September 5th and 7th, 2006
The Christopher J. Kelter Solo Show



Song Title



Record Company

  DISSECTION Storm of the Light's Bane Storm of the Light's Bane    
  BLOOD DUSTER I Wanna Be Your Pimp      
  AMORPHIS The Smoke Eclipse    
  MISERY INDEX Meet Reality Discordia    
  DEVIN TOWNSEND Traveller Accelerated Evolution    
  NASUM Between the Walls Grind Finale    
  RUSH The Trees Hemispheres    
  DARK TRANQUILLITY The Sun Fired Blanks Projector    
  CHRIS CAFFERY Bag O'Bones Faces    
  PIG DESTROYER Downpour Girl Terrifyer    
  KATATONIA Consternation The Great Cold Distance    
  MEGADETH Symphony of Destruction Countdown to Destruction    
  DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN Pig Latin Irony is a Dead Scene    
  SAIGON KICK Coming Home Saigon Kick    
  NILE The Pits of the Duat Annihilation of the Wicked    
** SPIRITUAL BEGGARS Left Brain Ambassadors Ad Astra    
  LAMB OF GOD Laid to Rest Ashes of the Wake    
** BETTER OFF TOMORROW Unlike the Sun Unlike the Sun    
  AKERCOCKE Enraptured By Evil Choronzon    
  REGURGITATE Parade of the Decapitated Midgets Carnivorous Erection    
  KAMELOT Silent Goddess The Fourth Legacy    
  BENUMB Crawl, Stagger, Crawl Soul of the Martyr    
  SOILWORK Observation Slave Stabbing the Drama    
  CANDIRIA Without Water 300 Percent Density    
  CLUTCH Mercury Blast Tyrant    
  IN-QUEST Placid Vortex Epileptic    
  PAUL GILBERT My Teeth are a Drumset Get Out of My Backyard    
  IN FLAMES Dead End Come Clarity    
  BURNT BY THE SUN 2012 The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good    
  KING'S X Bee Bop Ogre Tones    
  TURBONEGRO Don't Say Motherfucker, Motherfucker Apocalypse Dudes    
  NAPALM DEATH Glimpse into Genocide Diatribes    

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