October 24th and 26th, 2006



Song Title



Record Company

  IMAGES OF EDEN Beyond the Horizon Sunlight of the Spirit 2006 Nightmare (11/21/06)
  STAIRWAY No Mercy The Other Side of Midnight 2006  
  BLISSED Rise Corrosive 2006  
  PHOENIX Blood Flow Dying to Find Myself 2006  
  CLOUDSCAPE Shapeshifter Crimson Skies 2006 Nightmare
  LIBERTY N'JUSTICE with TONY HARNELL Flinch Soundtrack of a Soul 2005  
  PROTOTYPE The Way It Ends Continuum 2006 Nightmare
  KATAGORY V Liberated Minds The Rising Anger 2006 Nightmare
  SPHERIC UNIVERSE EXPERIENCE So Cold For the Love of Art and Money 2006 Nightmare
  WARMACHINE Empty The Beginning of the End 2005 Nightmare
  SHINING STAR No More Enter Eternity   Nightmare
  ASCENSION THEORY Passion of My Heart Answers   Nightmare
  SALEM HILL Children of the Dust Be   Lazarus
  JACOB'S DREAM Victory Drama of the Ages 2005 Metal Blade
** TEETH OF THE HYDRA Eruptin' Greenland 2006 TeePee
  CHEAP TRICK Auf Wiedersehen Budokan: The Complete Concert 1998 Sony
** SPEED KILL HATE Repent Acts of Insanity    
  GLENN TIPTON Paint It Black      
  QUEEN We Will Rock You News of the World    
  ANDREW W.C. It's Time To Party I Get Wet    
  AS ALL DIE From Rock to Arrows to Missiles      
  AUTOMAG Alone      
  BILLY IDOL Rat Race      
  DRAGONLORD Emerald (Thin Lizzy Cover)      
  FIGHT Contortion War of Words    
  SCORPIONS New Generation Unbreakable    
  RUSH Roll the Bones      
  PANTERA Five Minutes Along      
  POWERMAN 5000 All My Friends are Ghosts      

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