November 7th and 9th, 2006



Song Title



Record Company

  DVDA Now You're a Man Orgazmo Soundtrack 1998 Nickelbag
  RA Rectifier (Live) Raw 2006 Cement Shoes / Homebass
  MEAT LOAF In the Land of the Pig, the Butcher is King Bat Out of Hell III 2006 Virgin
  THE WHO We Got a Hit (Extended Version) Endlesswire 2006 Universal Republic
  TANKARD Rockstars No. 1 Beauty and the Beer 2006 Locomotive
  PAPA ROACH My Heart is a Fist The Paramour Sessions 2006 Geffen
  JON OLIVA'S PAIN Through the Eyes of the King Maniacal Renderings 2006 Locomotive
  RAINBOW Kill the King (live) Live in Munich 1977 2006 Eagle Records
  KROKUS Justice Hellraiser 2006 Locomotive
  BLUE OYSTER CULT Born to Be Wild (live) Tales of the Psychic Wars 1983 Sony
  PAUL STANLEY Bulletproof Live to Win 2006 NewDoor
  GERINA DI MARCO You Can't Break Love Gerina 2006  
  QUIET RIOT Free Rehab 2006  
  DEEP PURPLE Speed King In Rock    
The Thirteen Cryptical Prophecies of Mu The Album Cosmic 1999 Nuclear Blast
  TIAMAT (tee-ah-mah-tee) Brighter Than the Sun Skeleton Skeletron 1999 Century Media
** SUGARCULT Memory      
  THE BABYS Isn't It Time      
  WEEZER Beverly Hills      
  BOB SEGER Roll Me Away      
  AEROSMITH Toys in the Attic      
  HATEBREED Never Let It Die      
  TRISTWOOD Chronos The Delphic Doctrine    
  RHINO BUCKET Blood Sweat & Beers And Then It Got Ugly    
  MUSHROOMHEAD Tattoo Savior Sorrow    
  A STATIC LULLABY Life in a A Museum      
  UDO 24/7      
  LED ZEPPELIN Fool in the Rain In Through the Out Door    
  MUNICIPAL WASTE Jock Pit Waste Em All    
  AC/DC Get It Hot Highway to Hell    

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