December 12th and 14th, 2006



Song Title



Record Company

  SWEET Set Me Free Sweet Fanny Adams 1974 RCA
  THE SUPERSUCKERS Alone and Stinking The Smoke of Hell 1992 Sub Pop
  JON OLIVA'S PAIN Holes Maniacal Renderings 2006 Locomotive
  CHROME HELMET Bullfight Full Circle 2006 Sin Klub Entertainment
G TOOL Vicarious 10,000 Days 2006 Volcano
G WOLFMOTHER Woman Wolfmother 2006 Interscope
G BUCK CHERRY Crazy Bitch      
G NINE INCH NAILS Every Day is Exactly the Same With Teeth 2006  
G SYSTEM OF A DOWN Lonely Day Hypnotize 2006 American
G LAMB OF GOD Redneck Sacrament 2006 Epic
G MASTODON Colony of Birchmen Blood Mountain 2006 Reprise
G MINISTRY Lies Lies Lies Rio Grande Blood 2006  
G SLAYER Eyes of the Insane Christ Illusion 2006 American
G STONE SOUR 30/30-150      
** ROGER POWELL Lone Gunman Fossil Poets 2006 Inner Knot
  DISFEAR Dead End Lives Misanthropic Generation 2003 Relapse

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