December 26th and 28th, 2006
The Best of 2006



Song Title



Record Company

RSB TENACIOUS D Master Exploder The Pick of Destiny 2006  
RSB BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Devil's Dime Shot to Hell 2006  
RSB KROKUS Too Wired To Sleep Hellraiser 2006  
RSB/SM MOTORHEAD Trigger Kiss of Death 2006  
RSB SEPULTURA Convicted in Life Dante XXI 2006  
RSB SILENT CIVILIAN Falling Down Rebirth of the Temple 2006  
RSB HATEBREED As Die Hard as They Come Supremacy 2006  
RSB/SM/CJK IN FLAMES Pacing Death's Trail Come Clarity 2006  
RSB ROB ZOMBIE American Witch Educated Horses 2006  
RSB PSYCHOSTICK ABCDeath We Couldn't Think of a Title 2006  
SM BOB SEGER Between  Face the Promise 2006  
SM AXAMENTA A Nation in Atrophy Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture 2006  
SM DRYKILLLOGIC My Dying Heart Of Vengeance and Violence 2006  
SM ENGAGE Fury Demo 2006  
SM ONE DEAD THREE WOUNDED Eight Dollar Prom Dress Paint the Town 2006  
SM GAUNTLET Here Comes the Thunder Path of Nails 2006  
SM THE FABULOUS STONER BROTHERS Insanity Sexual Warhammer of Death 2006  
SM MOONSPELL Memento Mori Memorial 2006  
CJK MY DYING BRIDE Deeper Down A Line of Deathless Kings 2006  
CJK THE HAUNTED The Shifter The Dead Eye 2006  
CJK AMORPHIS Two Moons Eclipse 2006  
CJK LAMB OF GOD Descending Sacrament 2006  
CJK KILLSWITCH ENGAGE This is Absolution As Daylight Dies 2006  
CJK KATATONIA Leaders The Great Cold Distance 2006  
CJK ISIS Dulcinea In the Absecne of Truth 2006  
CJK MASTODON Caprillian Crest Blood Mountain 2006  
CJK BURST Where the Wave Broke Origo 2006  

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